MAY 20, 2017!

Girard classmates & friends- (UPDATE) I would appreciate it if everyone that is attending, or even might attend, would kindly e-mail back (Murray email address) & let me (Murray) know if they are planning on attending. There are lots of hotels in the immediate area, so if the particular one I mentioned is filled, others are surely available. Looking forward to hearing from you, Murray

Dear Girard Brothers of the Class of 1972- - its amazing that the 45th anniversary of our graduation from the Hum is rapidly approaching. This year we'll be celebrating and dining on Saturday May 20, 2017, which, is also Founders Day. Please start making your plans to spend a day or two that weekend with your oldest & closest friends. We'll randomly start to show up at Girard on Saturday, May 20th around 9:30 AM and at 11:00 AM we'll meet at the area across from the chapel, which is where the old infirmary building once stood. We can hang out there, or if you wish, you can buy a fairly decent hot lunch with dozens of other starving Hum alumni inside the D & S Building at 12 noon. Around 1:00 PM the crowd thins out, and we'll gradually leave. You can go back to your hotel room to freshen up, or follow some of your classmates to the Staybridge Suites hotel room we have available, located in Montgomeryville PA, for a few drinks & legendary storytelling before our dinner.

This reunion is going to be slightly different than those we had in the past. This time, there will be no formal banquet menu or buffet, and no up-front deposit is necessary. I have reserved a nice restaurant & tavern that will let us order whatever dinner you choose from their regular menu at regular prices. We'll be dining at "The Bull" Restaurant & Tavern. It's located at 770 Horsham Rd. Montgomeryville PA. I have included a link to their web site, it has all the necessary information. If you go to the site, click on the word "menu" at the top left, it will open another link to download their 8 page menu-so you can get a preview of all they have to offer.

We'll begin to show up at 5:00 PM, order drinks & appetizers at the cash bar, then sit down for our meal at 6:00 PM. The dinner is informal,so ties & jackets are unnecessary. Once we sit down to our dinner tables, each person will pay cash only-no checks or charge cards-for their meals & drinks. The restaurant told me they will not do individual checks, they are going to present me with one complete check for everyone at the end of the meal-so its going to require everyone paying cash for their appetizers & dinners, along with a 20% gratuity, plus 6% PA state tax. All drinks will be available at the cash bar on an individual basis.

Here is the link to the restaurant web site: "The Bull" Tavern: I hope to see you all there to share a great day & evening with great friends! - Murray




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